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"My contractors are asking for it to come  with every load and I can get my trucks  back 15 minutes faster."
-Will, from Oklahoma

"We've needed one of these for 30 years."
-Mike, WOC 2009

"I don't need any help directing concrete  when I use the Tailgater.... It does all the work for me!"
-Kyle, from Missouri

"From the first truck I sent one out with, customers appreciated the advantages of this innovative new tool." It's a must have for all redi-mix providers.
- Trevor, Missouri



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The Tailgater Construction||||


Redi-Mix providers and contractors throughout the Midwest are already enjoying the benefits of better pouring using the Tailgater. Customers are asking for it by name because these providers have a tool that makes an impression on their customers.

Be the first Redi-Mix provider in your area to give customers a better way to pour. When you meet that need for them it results in customer loyalty and appreciation.

With the Tailgater you can save your customers pump charges, reduce discharge time, improve pouring safety, and SELL more concrete, guaranteed.

Buy one today and you'll instantly have a profitable customer service tool that benefits everyone who pours with you.


The next time you tailgate concrete can be so much better using the Tailgater. Buy one for your crew or tell your favorite Redi-Mix providers about the benefits of this innovative new tool. 
Now there's a way to pour better and no reason to put up with the frustrating short falls of traditional round chutes!

What the Tailgater products can do for you…  

  • Core fill blocks like never before by selling the concrete to fill every cell
  • Decreases discharge time by an average of 15 minutes per truck
  • Get more loads out per day/week/year
  • Get customers what they need in every pouring application
  • Improves customer service and loyalty
  • Keep your customers calling


And it meets the ACI specifications for conveying structural concrete.

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